NIH Travel Award

Travel awards provided by NIH covering the registration fees for students and young investigators of the TERMIS 2024 World Congress are available to outstanding applicants who are currently undergraduates, graduate students, or young investigators to include postdoctoral fellows and young professionals who are within 5 years of their terminal degree and do not hold a faculty, academic staff, or group leader appointment at a university/research institute or in industry. Additionally, women and individuals of groups identified as being underrepresented in the sciences and engineering at any career stage are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Hanna Anderson
Sydney Anderson
Nettie Brown
Alexander Chen
Ryan Friedman
Alycia Galindo
Kevin Grassie
Kara Huse
Saumya Jain
Sarah Jones
Dariya Lizanets
Justin Matta
Joshua Mesfin
Eman Mirdamadi
Kaylee Montanari
Ruth Negru

Kelly Ott
Damea Pham
Nicolette Pirjanian
Taylor Schissel
Zyva Sheikh
Sydney Shriver
Esther Sim
Delaney Sinko
Eileen Su
Mackenzie Turner
Ivy Vien
Delaney Villarreal
Monica Wall
Brooke Wang
Jimmy Yau
Irene Zhang