Please be aware that registration for this event confirms acceptance of this privacy notice: TERMIS will be capturing the images of attendees at its events, including its conferences, symposia, webinars, and other virtual events, with photographic and video recording devices to be used for the exclusive purposes of TERMIS, including being used for marketing, the TERMIS website, social media or historical records of the society and may be shown to the public at large. TERMIS will only process these images of you in support of or furtherance of TERMIS as a society and its legitimate interests in achieving its mission. Furthermore, this data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area to be stored or processed in a third country when necessary for TERMIS purposes and/or standard operations. This notice applies to images stored on its central official TERMIS database, as well as, to future images or recordings.

Please be aware that TERMIS will also at times be using an automated system at conferences or virtual events (webinars, symposia etc.) that allows for the possible audio and/or video recording of lectures and then may make these available on the conference digital application as a learning resource, only for those members of the TERMIS community registered at the conference. Presenters will be forewarned and/or given the option to decline the recording by TERMIS of their presentation. TERMIS cannot be responsible for the actions of audience participants (for example, personal screenshots, recordings or mobile photographs). TERMIS strongly discourages participants from taking photos, screenshots or recordings in any manner of the presentations without the explicit consent of the presenter(s) in the interests of upholding the TERMIS mission to foster a collaborative and collegial ‘open science’ forum.  It is the sole responsibility of presenters to determine carefully what research to disclose when presenting. TERMIS encourages presenters to carefully consider the degree of detail disclosed in advance of any disclosure, so as not to jeopardize any prospects, and we recommend seeking professional advice.

If a recording of a lecture is going to take place at a time you are in attendance (physically or virtually), you will be informed (normally verbally) prior to the start of any recording taking place and where it will be made available. Explicit consent is therefore not sought from individuals. Those who do not wish to participate may choose not to attend or refrain from asking questions if they so wish, or turn off their camera and mute themselves for virtual events. 

TERMIS respects the privacy of individuals and their rights to their personal information. TERMIS will remove any photographs upon written request by individuals who object to the use of the image where they are recognizable within the image. Please e-mail If you have any questions about your data protection rights and these actions by TERMIS please contact TERMIS Executive Administrator at